Growing up, my family wasn’t big into travelling. The first time I went on a plane I was 19 years old. Post 9/11, I remember crying in the airport and through the flight, terrified to be putting myself in potential “danger”. (I was going to Edmonton for God sake – not the Middle East).

Fast forward 13 years later, and while I still haven’t fallen in love with flying, I couldn’t imagine living a life without travelling. And lucky for me, my husband Jared is on the same page.

Travelling fires my synapses in a way that nothing else does. Travelling has made me kinder, increased my awareness, and has simply made me more appreciative.

So why are we still living in small town Winnipeg? Well, I love my 90 pound lab Rue. I love living close to my friends and family. I love the fact that I own my home. And yes, I love my job. So that’s why we stay.

I’m here to share that it is possible to travel without giving up your entire life. I spend about 6 weeks of the year abroad while maintaining a full-time professional position and not going broke.

Interested in how I do it? Follow along as I share my journey on how I became the Wannabe Wanderlust.  

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