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Get a side hustle.

I am one of those weirdos that would LOVE the ability to work overtime. I mean not all of the time. But spending the occasional evening or weekend making double my hourly rate? Sign me up. Unfortunately, my opportunities to work overtime at my government job are limited. And the 20 hours or so of overtime I may be offered in a given year just goes toward extra time off (travelling for six weeks out of the year is still the priority). I like being busy. I don’t mind spending a few evenings or weekends working. Because I don’t ever want to be in a position where I can’t travel one year because I can’t afford it. And let’s be real. Being a 33 year old female trying to fight the natural aging process is expensive. So I’m all about opportunities to make a little extra cash.

I’ve basically worked full-time since I was 19. And more often than not, I’ve had some sort of side hustle alongside my full-time career to bring in extra cash. From teaching dance, to working at a jewelry store, from modelling to consulting, I’ve discovered I’m an entrepreneur at heart.

I personally found it tough having a side hustle with set hours. And after working at a jewelry store one Christmas and owing them money when I left, I realized a part-time job wasn’t for me. I wanted the flexibility to work when I wanted, the freedom to be creative, and the money I made to be worth my time.

Enter multi-level marketing. Have I lost you? For those of you still with me, give me a chance to explain before hitting the X at the top of this page. Yes. I am about to embrace the direct sales, pyramid scheme, bullshit home businesses that we all despise.

Now excuse me while I go on a quick rant. The ONLY difference between products you purchase through a multi-level marketing company and products you purchase from the store, is the business model. Multi-level marketing companies rely on their consultants to sell their products, whereas brick and mortar stores have a CEO, managers, employees, overhead costs, etc. Multi-level marketing is generally a cheaper way for companies to get their products out into the world. Consultants pay a fee to join, and in return receive whatever version of that company's starter kit to begin their business. Typically, consultants receive a percentage of all their sales as well as discounts on products for themselves. And consultants get rewarded for reaching certain sales targets. I know many people who have earned legitimate vacations for reaching certain sales goals (I know that caught your attention). Consultants are simply business owners, and by purchasing products through them you are supporting them and their families instead of a multi-million dollar CEO.

Personally, I've tried out a few multi-level marketing companies. It was a way for me to satisfy my inner entrepreneurial brain. I hosted parties, and I built websites. I created ads and I used my marketing skills to promote products in unique and different ways. And I did pretty well. But to be a good consultant, you need to believe wholeheartedly in the products and the company. Without any formal sales training, I can imagine that's the first lesson in sales 101. And this is exactly why some of my previous side hustles fizzled out.

Enter LimeLife by Alcone. A few months ago I was introduced to a new multi-level marketing company that sells natural skincare and make-up. Anti-aging skincare without chemicals. Professional grade makeup that doesn't clog your pores or smudge off your face. A company that has been around for 60 years. And REASONABLY priced. GUYS. This was my calling.

My current side hustle is a beauty guide with LimeLife by Alcone. I consult with women interested in changing their skincare and makeup routines by trying new products. I sell foundation to 99% of all women who come to see me because it really is that amazing. I developed a brand complete with an Instagram and Facebook page. I coined a new type of home party "wine and makeovers" and have hosted many of these events. I'm full on obsessed with every LimeLife by Alcone product that I have tried, and it's FUN introducing new women to these products. I get to live my dream as an entrepreneur without changing my life. And most importantly, I'm PROUD of my side hustle. But this wasn't always the case.

For the longest time, I was embarrassed to work a second job, especially one that encompassed a direct sales model. I make a pretty decent salary. I have a nice home. My husband has a great job. People often ask me why I take on extra work. And I never really know what to say. Because I want to make more money? Because I have the time?

You can't say things like that to people busting their butts to support their children on one salary. You can't tell the stay-at-home mom who manages a multi-level marketing business so she can stay home with her kids that you too manage a multi-level marketing business because your DINK household doesn't bring in enough cash to support your lifestyle (double income no kids, for those of you thinking I just compared my home to male genitalia).

I know that I'm lucky. I know that I'm fortunate to have a career and still find the extra time to maintain a small business, to volunteer, to spend time with friends, my family and my fur baby and yes, to travel as much as possible. But what I do with my time and my money is MY choice.

The bottom line - we all choose our own paths for our own reasons. I am very open about my passion for travelling. And how travel is considered in every choice I make. I will continue to work my business and maybe even strive toward earning one of those vacations. I will no longer be embarrassed or ashamed of that fact that I want to make extra cash. And I will no longer feel like I'm uttering a dirty word when I say "multi-level marketing".

I don't think my life choices deserve to be frowned upon. I don't think it's fair to criticize someone for working hard to achieve the life they want. And I don't believe being a DINK makes me unworthy of your support.

Recently, I've been following entrepreneur and author Rachel Hollis. She has become my new life coach (she doesn't actually know that, but it's what I like to call her). One of my favourite Rachel Hollis quotes goes like this - "someone elses opinion of you is none of your business". Stop worrying about what other people might think about you, your decisions, or the way you choose to live your life. In other words - you do you and be damn proud of it.

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